The Intensive Community Treatment program's mission is to provide case management services according to the PACT model (Program for Assertive Community Treatment) that shall manage the symptoms of mental illness, by focusing on the establishment and linkage of supportive-services network in a cultural context that promotes community integration and allows for family and social understanding of mental illness.

Services Provided

Case managers administer screening instruments to determine level of function (GAF), level of care (LOC), quality of life inventory (QOLI), and drug scale & alcohol scale (DS/AS).
A Master Treatment plan is developed with an interdisciplinary team.
Daily living skills are taught in the natural environment where these skills will be best used. Examples are home management, shopping, securing entitlements, budgeting, social skills, securing health care, etc.
Medication management is available and prescribed by an on-site Psychiatrist.
Case management to Hawaii State Hospital consumers from the Wai`anae community.
Hours of Operation

The ICT program offers flexible schedules from 7:00am or 9:00pm Monday through Friday, including holidays. Crisis services are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crisis services are accessible by calling 808-779-6846.

Program Entry Criteria

Consumers ages 18 years old or older. Stability Level Services, long term treatment and intervention services to establish, improve, or stabilize level of functioning and/or prevent psychiatric decompensation are provided to consumers experiencing acute mental illness, recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital, on conditional release from the Hawaii State Hospital, or have active symptoms of psychiatric decompensation. Consumer must be diagnosed with a serious mental illness as classified by the Hawaii State Department of Health, Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD). GAF scores indicating level of functioning that dictate eligibility criteria on a case by case basis. No medical health insurance is required if the consumer meets AMHD criteria. Private payment for services is available, with fee schedules based on financial ability.