A community based program that provides family strengthening and support services to families and resources on the Wai`anae Coast.


Download Brochure: Wai`anae Neighborhood Place

Download Brochure: Wai`anae Community Resources Provided as a community service, courtesy of the Wai`anae Neighborhood Place.


ʻOhana Kākoʻo Resource Center
85-888 Farrington Hwy. Ste 105
Waianae, HI 96792


Telephone: (808) 696-4598 FAX: (808) 696-9403
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Let the Waiʻanae Coast be a place where all keiki are assured of happy and hopeful lives by their caregivers, empowering caring, safe and healthy foundation for every family, where we hoʻokiki (keep the promise) to our keiki that they are the future.


Let Ka Wahi Kaiāulu - Waiʻanae Neighborhood Place – be a place for `Ohana to work together and acknowledge the unique cultures, values, contributions and strengths of everyone, building a nurturing, stable and courageous community for all keiki to safely live the best lives possible-culturally, spiritually, academically and economically.

Guiding Principles

  • We value relationships first and foremost…
  • We act knowing relationships and trust are built on honest
  • We collaborate with others to achieve results…
  • We recognize the importance of spirituality in our life and work, giving us a sense of hope and a positive future
  • We act with humility (ha`aha`a)…
  • We act with sensitivity to individual circumstances
  • We act with courage…
  • We embrace change as opportunity
  • We are willing to work it out (ho`opono)…
  • We take pride in our work…

What is family strengthening?

Ka Wahi Kaiāulu - Waiʻanae Neighborhood Place – strives to embrace parents by giving support, assistance, resources, opportunities and encouragement to successfully raise their children.

How is this achieved?

Through Family Outreach and Community Outreach, Ka Wahi Kaiāulu - Waiʻanae Neighborhood Place – builds the capacity of at-risk families to provide for the safety of children. Serving as a neutral hub for service coordination and community building, we work for positive changes that reduces environmental and social risk factors and increases protective factors; while providing access to resources, both concrete and informational, and support without judgment.

Who is eligible?

Ka Wahi Kaiāulu - Waiʻanae Neighborhood Place – is open to all on the Waiʻanae Coast. We provide referral information of service providers and other various resources.

What services do you provide for families? We provide…

  • Information, referral and linkage to Waiʻanae Coast community resources and when necessary, beyond the Wai`anae Coast
  • Service coordination and advocacy
  • Basic life skill building
  • Informal counseling/coaching
  • Parent/family activities, monitoring and follow-up
  • Home visits
  • “Talk Story” approach

What's in a Name?

Our Program, Ka Wahi Kaiāulu , as many Hawaiian phrases do, carries a dual meaning: "the community place" and the pleasant, gentle Wai`anae trade-wind called “Kaiāulu”.

The Wai`anae Community

The Wai`anae Coast stretches from Kahe to Kaena Point, about 18 miles. Some 50,000 people make their homes in the communities of Kahe, Nanakuli, Maili, Wai`anae, Makaha, Makua and Kaena. They share a distinct local culture that has it’s roots in rural and predominately Hawaiian values and ways of life. Wai`anae constitutes just three percent of Hawaii’s population. Of that three percent, more than 40 percent are Hawaiian. If one counts only those 19 years of age and younger, who make up about half of the Coast’s population, more than fifty percent are Hawaiian.

Other Neighborhood Places across the State

Waiʻanae (808) 696-45958
Central Kalihi (808) 841-6177 

Kona (808) 331-8777
Puna (808) 965-5550

Wailuku (808) 986-0700

Kapaʻa (808) 821-2520
Waimea (808) 338-0252

About Blueprint For Change

Blueprint for Change (BFC) is a non-profit organization that works to create a safer and more nurturing environment for children throughout the state of Hawai‘i. For over a decade, the organization has played an active role in a state-wide effort to reduce instances of child abuse and neglect by supporting programs and policies that strive to prevent instances of abuse before they occur.

BFC’s major objective is to support and grow a series of community based walk-in centers known as the Neighborhood Places (NP). The organization currently oversees five Neighborhood Place sites located in Kalihi and Wai‘anae on O‘ahu, in Wailuku on Maui, and in Kona and Puna on Hawai‘i.

More information about Blueprint For Change and other Neighborhood Places across Hawaii can be found here:

677 Ala Moana Blvd., Ste 907
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

P.O. Box 4560
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

(808) 838-9900

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The Intensive Community Treatment program's mission is to provide case management services according to the PACT model (Program for Assertive Community Treatment) that shall manage the symptoms of mental illness, by focusing on the establishment and linkage of supportive-services network in a cultural context that promotes community integration and allows for family and social understanding of mental illness.

Services Provided

Case managers administer screening instruments to determine level of function (GAF), level of care (LOC), quality of life inventory (QOLI), and drug scale & alcohol scale (DS/AS).
A Master Treatment plan is developed with an interdisciplinary team.
Daily living skills are taught in the natural environment where these skills will be best used. Examples are home management, shopping, securing entitlements, budgeting, social skills, securing health care, etc.
Medication management is available and prescribed by an on-site Psychiatrist.
Case management to Hawaii State Hospital consumers from the Wai`anae community.
Hours of Operation

The ICT program offers flexible schedules from 7:00am or 9:00pm Monday through Friday, including holidays. Crisis services are also available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Crisis services are accessible by calling 808-779-6846.

Program Entry Criteria

Consumers ages 18 years old or older. Stability Level Services, long term treatment and intervention services to establish, improve, or stabilize level of functioning and/or prevent psychiatric decompensation are provided to consumers experiencing acute mental illness, recently discharged from a psychiatric hospital, on conditional release from the Hawaii State Hospital, or have active symptoms of psychiatric decompensation. Consumer must be diagnosed with a serious mental illness as classified by the Hawaii State Department of Health, Adult Mental Health Division (AMHD). GAF scores indicating level of functioning that dictate eligibility criteria on a case by case basis. No medical health insurance is required if the consumer meets AMHD criteria. Private payment for services is available, with fee schedules based on financial ability.

Hale Na`au Pono's Adult Behavioral Health Program is divided into two distinct divisions. The first addresses the mental health needs for those facing long or short term mental health challenges, those who are considered seriously mentally ill and others considered marginally or episodically in need of mental health support.

The second division addresses the challenges facing those with substance addiction, whether alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. Case Managers are the primary points of focus in our services. Case managers are usually paraprofessionals trained in addressing the full spectrum of needs of an individual's mental health or substance addiction. Individualized recovery plans are created from the preferences of those served and the judgment of our professional and paraprofessional staff. Our service orientation is recovery. We firmly believe that people can recover from their mental illness and addictions. While each service is distinct, an consumer may, over time, take advantage of one or more services that we offer.


“The mission of Hale Na`au Pono’s Transitional Foster Home Program is to provide children and youth with serious emotional disturbances a therapeutic family-based alternative to institutionalization as a means of returning them to or maintaining them in the community.”


Download Brochure: Transitional Family Homes

Download Consumer Rights Handbook (CAMHD)


85-888 Farrington Hwy. Rm. 207, Waianae, HI 96792

Telephone: (808) 696-9498 FAX: (808) 696-9403
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Hawai`i Island
93 Kohola St., Hilo, HI 96720
Telephone: (808) 930-3828 FAX: (808) 238-0925
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm


Program Goals

  • To prevent the placement of children/youth in out-of-community or out-of-state facilities.
  • To provide children/youth with a positive home environment.
  • To facilitate reunification of children/youth with their biological family, if appropriate.
  • To assist children/youth with the process of selecting positive life goals for themselves.

Foster Parent Requirements

  • Successful completion of pre-placement training.
  • Active participation in ongoing training.
  • Active participation in treatment and planning meetings.
  • Meet the requirements set by State and Federal Laws.

Services Provided

  • Intense screening and licensing of foster parents.
  • Provision of pre-placement and ongoing training to foster parents.
  • Regular in-home consultations for foster parents.
  • 24 hours/7 days a week crisis support.
  • Respite Services.
  • Active coordination with other service providers.

Placement Requirements

  • Authorization by Department of Health Family Guidance Center.
  • Consent of Parent or Guardian.
  • Placement in program prescribed and documented as part of the child/youth’s mental health treatment plan.
  • Capacity of one (1) child. Maximum of two (2) children maybe considered when siblings are involved.
  • Requires participation by all providers/caregivers in planning and treatment meetings.


Occasionally, an out-of-home placement becomes necessary for children and youth served by the Department of Health’s Child Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD). It is the philosophy of Hale Na`au Pono that this intervention be handled with care, with the needs of the child and family clearly in mind. This concern is best addressed by providing a foster home with therapeutic services.

Hale Na`au Pono’s Foster Homes with Therapeutic Services became a reality in the mid-1990’s, when federal funding was received through the Hawai`i `Ohana Project. Today, the program provides and manages a number of Therapeutic foster homes located throughout the Wai`anae Coast.

For further information or questions regarding foster homes or referrals, please contact the Program Developer.