“The mission of Hale Na`au Pono’s Transitional Foster Home Program is to provide children and youth with serious emotional disturbances a therapeutic family-based alternative to institutionalization as a means of returning them to or maintaining them in the community.”


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85-979 Mill St., Wai`anae, HI 96792
Telephone: (808) 696-9498 FAX: (808) 696-9403
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Hours of operation: Monday – Friday, 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Program Goals

  • To prevent the placement of children/youth in out-of-community or out-of-state facilities.
  • To provide children/youth with a positive home environment.
  • To facilitate reunification of children/youth with their biological family, if appropriate.
  • To assist children/youth with the process of selecting positive life goals for themselves.

Foster Parent Requirements

  • Successful completion of pre-placement training.
  • Active participation in ongoing training.
  • Active participation in treatment and planning meetings.
  • Meet the requirements set by State and Federal Laws.

Services Provided

  • Intense screening and licensing of foster parents.
  • Provision of pre-placement and ongoing training to foster parents.
  • Regular in-home consultations for foster parents.
  • 24 hours/7 days a week crisis support.
  • Respite Services.
  • Active coordination with other service providers.

Placement Requirements

  • Authorization by Department of Health Family Guidance Center.
  • Consent of Parent or Guardian.
  • Placement in program prescribed and documented as part of the child/youth’s mental health treatment plan.
  • Capacity of one (1) child. Maximum of two (2) children maybe considered when siblings are involved.
  • Requires participation by all providers/caregivers in planning and treatment meetings.


Occasionally, an out-of-home placement becomes necessary for children and youth served by the Department of Health’s Child Adolescent Mental Health Division (CAMHD). It is the philosophy of Hale Na`au Pono that this intervention be handled with care, with the needs of the child and family clearly in mind. This concern is best addressed by providing a foster home with therapeutic services.

Hale Na`au Pono’s Foster Homes with Therapeutic Services became a reality in the mid-1990’s, when federal funding was received through the Hawai`i `Ohana Project. Today, the program provides and manages a number of Therapeutic foster homes located throughout the Wai`anae Coast.

For further information or questions regarding foster homes or referrals, please contact the Program Developer.